The Advantages Of Programmatic Ad Buying

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Programmatic Ad Buying

According to an article published in eMarketer, programmatic ad buying is going to make up about $15 billion out of the almost $60 billion total digital advertising expenditure. This is huge, and it is also a sign that more and more advertisers realize the advantages of programmatic ad buying. They are interested in improving the effectiveness of their media campaigns, so they try to analyze their marketing activities very carefully, in order to determine where they should direct the most part of their advertising dollars.

Automated ad buying platforms enable brands to evaluate what works best in terms of geography, times of day, publishers and readership segments. This is how they can rule out all publishers and audience segments that aren’t bringing them enough profits, thus being able to keep only the best performers. Nobody wants to pay for showing ads that don’t have any effect on the viewers. However, without automatic buying, it is very hard to know which part of your advertising expenditure isn’t effective.

Programmatic spending has changed the face of digital advertising for good. These systems have impressive behavioural targeting capabilities no human would be able of. Selling ads across the web is one of the most lucrative and fast-changing industries. The entry barrier isn’t too low, but if you are keen on providing high quality services and you commit to offering the most advanced segmenting and targeting methods, you may be able to make it to the top. This type of media buying is still in its infancy, so there’s enough room on the market.

There are only two issues to take into consideration when you think about buying ads the automatic way. The first issue is that such targeting systems rely on cookies, thus being ineffective on mobile devices. If you want to run campaigns across desktop computers and mobile devices, you may encounter difficulties, due to cookie limitations.

The other problem to be careful about is fraud. Although the whole digital advertising industry works hard to fight fraud, their progress is far from being satisfactory. Technology players try their best at building security features, but there’s no such thing as a fraud proof system for the time being, so you’ll have to live with that anyway.

As big brands have stated their intentions to make the switch to buying their ads programmatically, major technology players in this market have improved their systems by adding new features and functionality that allows users to buy various types of ads. This means you aren’t limited to buying display ads anymore. Even though some of these ads are garbage, these systems have some controls that enable them to offer their buyers ads that are more visible than all others. It is possible to buy only the top 10% of ads, in terms of visibility time.

These advantages should be enough for you to make the switch to automatic ad buying systems. Once you evaluate their performance, you may never want to get back to traditional ad buying methods.

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