Reason Why You Should Procrastinate Talking To A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Car Crash Personal Injury

Depending on how old you are, most people, at some point in their lives have been injured, sometimes seriously. Then, when they get older they start to realize that the “bad knee” that they have is the same one that pushed the dashboard of their car in a foot or so during an accident. Or, that bad back is the same spot they hurt 25 years ago when a supermarket display fell on them. There are numerous injuries that happen to us in our lives, the important thing to do is make sure you get compensated enough to cover your pain, medical costs, and lost work time when the injuries come home to roost.

A Personal Injury Lawyers Job Is To Get You Covered

When any kind of accident occurs there is almost always someone or something that can be blamed for the injuries. Sometimes it’s because an employee has stacked the soda bottles to high in the aisle, other times it’s because a driver wasn’t paying attention in traffic, but the result is an injury to another person. In each case, there is an insurance company that is there to pay if the fault can be proven in a court of law.

The problem arises when a person gets injured and they don’t take the case to court within the amount of time allowed by the law, then they become disabled at a later date and can’t get help. When a personal injury attorney gets involved, expert doctors and chiropractors will examine the injured party and estimate future problems with chronic pain, deteriorating joints, or slipped spinal discs. These future possibilities will have to be compensated for by the insurance company.

When You Don’t Seek Legal Help They Take Advantage Of You

No matter what kind of accident that occurs, if there is an insurance company involved there is usually a claims adjuster that wants to settle quickly. The faster he gets some cash in your hands and a signed release from you, the better off his company is. If you seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer, the adjuster can no long talk to you and must communicate through your lawyer instead. At that time the cost of settling the claim has increased about 10 fold, court costs, legal fees, expert witnesses, and investigators will all have to be paid.

That’s why the claims adjuster wants to settle quick and move on, he doesn’t want your neck, or back to start aching, and he doesn’t want anyone to talk you into hiring an attorney either. Which is why you really should consider getting your free consultation as soon as possible.

Personal Injury Attorneys Work On A Contingency

That means that they’ll examine all of the facts and details of your case and then get paid out of the settlement after the trial. This is of considerable risk to them as they will be paying for court costs, investigation fees, medical exams and expert witnesses to testify. They’ll have to make extra sure the case is winnable before they proceed. To find out more the site Legal Aids And The Law has some good resources.

In any case, if you’ve been injured, you owe it to yourself, and your future self, to seek legal help. You never know how that strained back or bump on the head is going to cause you problems when you get old. Plus, you can’t wait to find out since it will be far too late to get the compensation you were due when it happened at some later date.