How Accident Reconstruction Specialists Can Determine The Facts To Help Your Case

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Being involved in a car accident can mean a lot of different things to different people. If you have a clean driving record, your rates are going up if you’re found to be at fault. If there were serious injuries, you could be sued, above and beyond your policy limits, if the accident was your fault, and be forced to pay for years. Or, you could end up going to jail if the other driver happens to be a good liar, and there are plenty of those these days as well. What can you do if you have doubts after an accident? You should start by calling your attorney, and they will call in an accident reconstruction expert to examine the accident scene.

Sometimes The Police Take Photos But Not Always

And even when they do take some pictures, they’re not always the best, or have the right angles in order to accurately reconstruct the scene. That’s why it’s best to call your own attorney right away from the scene and relay your concerns that an accident investigator be called in immediately. It could make the difference on whether you are deemed liable for the accident or collect from the other party in many cases.

The first thing the experienced accident investigators will do when they arrive is take hundreds of photos of everything from skid marks to accident damage to the resting places of the vehicles. Then they’ll take measurements of everything as well. From that evidence, they are usually able to closely estimate the speed and direction of each vehicle, when the brakes were applied if at all, and which car turned in front of the other as well.

When it come to car accidents, if alcohol or drugs weren’t involved, speed usually is instead. Then there are the distracted drivers, those not paying attention to the road because of their phones or something else, they sometimes make blind turns without seeing oncoming cars. An investigator will locate the phones and figure out when the last call or message was made to correlate the times to the accident. This can be a major factor in any trial, whether criminal or civil, and in the end decide who was at fault.

Accident Scene Reconstruction Experts Are Highly Trained In Their Jobs

They are usually ex-policeman, physicists, or engineers that have been to specialized training in accident reconstruction. They have a strong mathematical background and know how to use skid marks and resting places to determine many other facts of and accident. They can take small bits of evidence and extrapolate that into a cause of the entire accident sometimes too.

If you’re definitely at fault, you may want to refrain from calling in the professionals, since they are bound to the truth and won’t lie for either side. They’ll be fact oriented, and won’t side, for or against, the attorney and his client that are paying for their services. However, if you think you’re in the right and need the facts documented, there is no better way than using a accident scene reconstruction specialist to gather the evidence for your case.