Personal Use AED Machines For Sale

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Portable AED Machine

Portable AED Machine

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death today, but it can be reversed in a prompt response using an automated external defibrillator (AED). Due to this, AED machines have rapidly become more common in public places such airports, malls, schools and even stadiums. Ideally, most companies have implemented automatic external defibrillator programs as part of their employee safety plan. However, even though such proactive actions have helped prevent numerous deaths, research has it that most of the cardiac arrests happen in the home. As such, manufacturers have gone ahead to release personal AED machines for sale that are simple to use and affordable to the average homeowner.

Well, all AED machines for sale out there serve the same purpose, but they are not alike. Choosing a certain AED device for personal use will depend on your lifestyle and circumstances. Major differences include the size, weight, ease of use, pad and battery life, cost and water & dust protection. All these factors need considering whether you plan to keep the device in your home, office, car or as part of your camping gear.

Personal AED machines for sale out there come in various sizes and weight. The lightest AED is 2.4 lbs, and its size is no bigger than a CD while the largest is close to the size of a small laptop and at 6 pounds. If you intend to carry your AED around, then obviously this is a factor you will need to consider when purchasing.

Some AED machine features are universal like instructional videos on how to apply the pads. Some AED devices have voice and text commands while others have pictures along with flashing lights. Ideally, some machines have a metronome to assist with the proper rate of compressions. Others even have an LCD readout option, which shows the electrical activity of the heart once the device’s pads are applied.

The price of these devices varies depending on the brand, the features and where you buy the machine. AED prices range from several hundred bucks to a couple of thousands. The costs of replacing the batteries and pads ideally differ as well as how often they have to be replaced. Of course, these are features you’ll need to consider keenly before settling for a certain brand.
So, how important is all this? Well, that depends on your comfort or discomfort level. If you don’t have a medical background, then a feature like LCD is perhaps not necessary. Some prefer simplicity while others what every feature. If you plan to take the device outdoors or near water, then water and dust protection is something you will need. Portability is essential if you plan on traveling with it for long distances.
Being aware of the key features you require before you start browsing through the many AED machines for sale, will make the shopping much easier. If you want to learn more about automatic external defibrillators, then you ought to head over to Texas AED ( and get a glimpse of more.