Great Italian Restaurants South Beach

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Italian cuisine remains one of the most popular meal choices in the United States, in part due to a large number of U.S.citizens of Italian descent who have established restaurants across the country. However – the Italian restaurant experience is also fueled by diners who want to experience the joy and wonder of Mediterranean cooking. That experience today combines fresh, seasonal ingredients, classic dishes – and also some menu innovations that keep Italian cuisine as fresh as those ingredients.

Italian restaurants can be found across the United States – however, some of the best can be found in South Beach, Miami. So – if you want to enjoy the Italian dining experience in that area here are some great Italian restaurants South Beach style.

1. Macchialina.

This is about as close to an intimate trattoria that you will encounter outside of Italy. The intimate atmosphere and fabulous menu make sure that diners return again and again. The dishes prepared under the able guidance of chef Michael Pirolo are a combination of both rustic comfort food, new takes on classics and some great American favorites. Especially noteworthy are the ‘sausage ragu and cipollini’ and the ‘Dry aged NY strip’ – which has been aged for 21 days and is served with crushed fingerlings and a flavor-filled truffled mushroom offering.

2. Cibo Wine Bar.

The menu here is the perfect combination of a contemporary approach to classic Italian cuisine and the great comfort of the rustic Italian menu staples that are the mark of the true Italian restaurant experience. The streetside patio is the perfect place to enjoy both those menu items and one (or two) of the 3,500 bottles of wine on offer. For a great experience also enjoy the magnificent rooftop patio area. The wine menu begs to be explored and paired with the ‘Formaggi’ which consists of a fabulous selection of great Italian cheeses, along with walnuts and the decadent ‘honey peppered pineapple.’ The lobster stuffed Ravioli is also certainly worth trying.

3. Prime Italian.

If the diner is after something meaty in an upscale setting, then this should be an Italian flavored destination of choice. Huge portions and fabulous ingredients, all prepared with incredible attention to detail makes a meal at Prime Italian into an occasion. This is where the glitterati of South Beach gather, not only to absorb the ambiance and the social scene but also to delve into a great menu that includes such items as an entre of Prosciutto, which has been aged for an astounding 500 days. This is served with a selection of cheeses and seasonal fruit and the freshly made house grissini. Or of course, one could opt for a delicate combination of decadence and comfort with the Maine Lobster pizza, after starting with caviar and fresh oysters. Of course, the steaks are simply fantastic. This is a fine Italian style steakhouse dining experience at its very best.

South Beach is not only about the beach – the dining opportunities are almost unlimited – and the Italian offerings are among the best choices one could make. Make an extra effort to enjoy great Italian restaurants South Beach style.