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Commercial Event Tent

Commercial Event Tent

Commercial tents have been used for decades to provide outdoor shelter solution for parties, weddings, event and other applications. Tents are the most preferred solutions for temporary shelter owing to their temporary yet sturdy nature. In this regard, one can rest assured that a commercial tent will provide shelter from natural elements such as solar radiation, the wind, and rain.

However, the degree to which the commercial tents protect the occupants as well as serve other purposes vary greatly due to the variation in the design and construction of the tents. There are very many patents on commercial tent technologies. Additionally, the design philosophies of commercial tents vary.

However, in all the variation in the design and manufacture of commercial tents, there certain characteristics that every commercial tent must have. Such characteristics include:

#1. Resilience – Regardless of the fact that a commercial tent is designed to be temporary structures, resilience is still an important element for the tents to have. The importance of having this element in a tent comes to the forefront when you consider that the tent will be exposed to a tremendous amount of natural forces such as the wind. Furthermore, the tents are exposed to tremendous amounts of U.V radiation, which the tent must either absorb of reflect to reduce penetration of the same energy.

Ideally, the tent should be resilient enough to withstand repeated exposure to these forces without diminishing performance.

#2. Strong And Steady Tent Design – Aside from being resilient, commercial tents need to be very sturdy, with regards to its structure soundness. Being portable notwithstanding, the tents should be inherently stable enough to install on surfaces where you cannot install the tent pegs into the ground. Additionally, the tent should not display any flexibility but should very stable all-around.

Having this characteristic in a commercial tent is important as no one would want their tents to collapse or move around during their event.

#3. Ample Interior Space – The interior space of the commercial tents should be ample enough to house a number of people it was designed to house. In this regard, the tent size should offer enough spacing and head room clearance in all parts of the tent. Of critical importance is for the tent’s interior space to be flexible enough to allow the installation of various appliances within the tent. For instance, the commercial tent should be designed to allow the installation of interior light and sound system.

#4. Creative And Innovative Design – Finally, the designs of the tent, ideally, should be very innovative. The days of having a place and simple designs in commercial tents are long gone. In today’s world, people have an affinity towards attractive designs. With this in mind, the design of commercial tents should complement the interior and exterior decorations implemented for a variety of parties.

These are the same characteristics that Regal Tent ensures their tents have. As an award-winning enterprise, the quality of tents and services they provide their customers with are always top-notch. Furthermore, their dedication to customer and clients has seen Regal Tent Productions work with global brands and renowned institutions such as NHL, Columbia Business School, Channel, and Samsung. They have also set up tents in some of the most challenging environments, including an aircraft carrier.